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Special Interest & Zimbabwe Safaris in Southern Africa

Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer

Born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe – Mark developed a keen interest in wildlife and the bush at an early age when his father used to take him and his brother on camping and hunting holidays around the country.

He spent his school days at Ruzawi and then Peterhouse with weekends and holidays in the bush and on his friend’s farm. His interest in birds became apparent when he joined the Falconry Club at Peterhouse and to date he can spot and identify any type of raptor from a good distance away.

Mark then went on to Cirencester Agricultural College where he earned a diploma in agriculture.

After a couple of years working on farms in UK, Mark returned to the bush in 2002 and spent 8 years on the Bubye Valley Conservancy as an apprentice hunter and then followed on to gain his professional hunters licence. His time spent in management on this 850,000 acre conservancy further established his knowledge of the bush and his interest in the many resident birds of the area.

One of his previous hunting clients described him as ‘a very hard working PH who knows his job well. He is a thorough gentlemen and a pleasure to hunt with’. Mark owns and co-manages Meldmark Safaris and with his excellent guiding and hunting experience, genuine relationships with his Clients and an extensive knowledge of birds of Southern Africa, being able to join Mark on a Birding Safari is an adventure not to miss!

Qualifications: Diploma in Agriculture, Land and Farm Management (Cirencester Agricultural College, UK), Professional Hunters & Guides Licence (Zimbabwe)

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